Popular Poker Scenes in Movies

Various casino games have played an important part in movie plots. When looking at these scenes, the game of poker appears the most often. The game has been around for a long time which has lead to numerous variations being created, and is still exceedingly popular in both land based, and online casinos such as Gaming Club online casino. Given this history, poker is easily worked into movies with various time periods and settings. For instance, movies set in the Old West often feature poker in some capacity. The game of poker adds certain elements to film including exciting action and tension.

One of these films would be the movie, Tombstone. In this film is a classic scene occurring within a saloon. A game of poker is being played when the scene opens. The hand is won by Doc Holiday. It is learned that this was his twelfth winning hand in a row. Another opponent accuses him of cheating. After Holiday belittled the man making the accusation, the opponent tries to attack Holiday but the incident is avoided by the presence of the sheriff.

TombstoneThe movie, “Sunset Trail”, is also set within the same time period. The movie is an older film, however, released in 1939. This movie provides an excellent example of how bluffing can assist poker players. The main character gets into a high stakes game in an attempt to win back money swindled from him by a casino owner.

MaverickThe movie, “Maverick”, was based on a television show aired during the 1950’s. The title character, played by Mel Gibson, finds himself in a poker tournament. He continues to win and is seated at the final table. In this game, Gibson is pitted against his largest rival. The movie has some intense poker action intertwined with comedy provided by Mel Gibson. The cast of this movie is star studded with many well known actors and is very entertaining.

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