The Biggest Theatre Productions of All Time

When it comes to the theatre industry, there are plenty of different shows that you can watch that are well-known and are popular all over the world not just in Britain. As any British folk reading this will know, playing bingo games, watching the horses or going to the theatre all count as top nights out on this little island.

In this article, we will discuss some of the biggest theatre productions of all time. If you are interested and you would like to know more, keep reading for further information.

Mamma Mia!

One of the best, biggest and one of the most well-known theatre productions is, of course, Mamma Mia! This production is one of the most popular of all time because of the songs from ABBA and the fun and exciting storyline. This is a theatre show like no other and it has been enjoyed for many generations and is still very popular to this day even though it has been performed 5,758 times already. This theatre show has been enjoyed in many theatres which include theatres in Scotland, London, France and many more. As well as being a theatre show, Mamma Mia! Is also a brilliant movie that has won many awards over the years and if you just can’t get enough of the first movie then, not to worry, you will be able to enjoy the sequel to this movie called Mamma Mia! Here we go again. Continue reading

Popular Poker Scenes in Movies

Various casino games have played an important part in movie plots. When looking at these scenes, the game of poker appears the most often. The game has been around for a long time which has lead to numerous variations being created, and is still exceedingly popular in both land based, and online casinos such as Gaming Club online casino. Given this history, poker is easily worked into movies with various time periods and settings. For instance, movies set in the Old West often feature poker in some capacity. The game of poker adds certain elements to film including exciting action and tension.

One of these films would be the movie, Tombstone. In this film is a classic scene occurring within a saloon. A game of poker is being played when the scene opens. The hand is won by Doc Holiday. It is learned that this was his twelfth winning hand in a row. Another opponent accuses him of cheating. After Holiday belittled the man making the accusation, the opponent tries to attack Holiday but the incident is avoided by the presence of the sheriff.

TombstoneThe movie, “Sunset Trail”, is also set within the same time period. The movie is an older film, however, released in 1939. This movie provides an excellent example of how bluffing can assist poker players. The main character gets into a high stakes game in an attempt to win back money swindled from him by a casino owner.

MaverickThe movie, “Maverick”, was based on a television show aired during the 1950’s. The title character, played by Mel Gibson, finds himself in a poker tournament. He continues to win and is seated at the final table. In this game, Gibson is pitted against his largest rival. The movie has some intense poker action intertwined with comedy provided by Mel Gibson. The cast of this movie is star studded with many well known actors and is very entertaining.

If you decide to give online poker a chance, make sure to read this poker for beginners guide before depositing money into your account.

The Film

Prometheus is a science-fiction film directed by Ridley Scott and due for release in June 2012. It is loosely intended as an unofficial prequel to the 1979 film Alien. The plot takes the usual Alien / Ridley Scott theme of a group of humans exploring an alien planet – on the spaceship Prometheus – and presumably getting knocked off one by one. Who will survive until the end of the film? Will the human race be wiped out? Which one of them will be the bad guy?

Scott says the film occupies the same universe as Alien, but that the storyline will not overlap or be connected. Watch the trailers below and you’ll see what he means about the same universe – it feels so familiar. The giant ‘Space Jockey’ from the Alien film can also be seen, with Prometheus apparently set to explore the mythology of these giant beings in some depth, rather than simply being an alien blast ‘em up. So while it seems to have the Alien look and feel, don’t just expect it to be more of the same plot-wise.

Release dates

UK: 1st June
USA: 8th June

Main cast

Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw

Probably plays a similar role to ‘Ripley’ from the Alien films, in the trailer you can see her venturing out on foot into the alien spaceship.

She can be seen to struggle along a corridor in one scene and shaking and praying in another.

Michael Fassbender as David

Watch for him heading out on foot with Shaw in the trailer. Listen to him say:
“How far would you go to get your answers? What would you be willing to do?”
Is he asking someone or referring to himself? Perhaps this is a hint that he’s going to go too far and put the crew in danger.

Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers

Ridley Scott won’t merely let Theron play the eye-candy role that other director’s, like the unimaginative Michael Bay, probably would.Dresses like the ‘boss’ of the spaceship in the preview and seems to be the one in charge on Prometheus.

Idris Elba as Janek

Looks like he is the pilot of Prometheus as he is seen at the controls on two occasions in the preview.

Guy Pearce as Weyland
Apparently he’s only in the film for 5 minutes, playing the familiar role of the big boss who stays on earth and sends everyone to die.

Logan Marshall-Green as Charlie Holloway

Will he play the secret bad guy role and only be found out just as it looks like he’s going to succeed? Or is he the good guy? Will it even be that simple…

Seems to have a problem with his eyes in one scene, does he have an alien inside?