The word Prometheus comes from ancient Greek mythology, and is the name of a Titan (a powerful deity) who created humans. It probably translates into English as ‘forethought’.

This website is dedicated to the Titan, and many of the creations that have since been named in his honour, including the new film by Ridley Scott!

The Titan

A biography of Prometheus the Titan, a myth originating around 800 BC in Greece. Tasked with creating humans by the god of gods Zeus, but ordered not to give them fire, our hero foolishly disobeys this order and is punished. Read more…

The film

The unofficial prequel to the 1979 classic Alien, which is also directed by the legendary Ridley Scott and released in 2012. A group of explorers find an alien ship on a remote planet, but what awaits them inside? Read more…

Prometheus Bound

A synopsis and review of the ancient Greek tragedy Prometheus Bound. Read more…

Human intelligence

According to Greek mythology it was through Prometheus that humanity obtained the power not only to understand but also to transform the world. Here we explore the subject of human intelligence. Read more…

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